Most Popular Tobacco For Hookahs

You can find a variety of tobacco flavors for hookahs in local tobacco stores and hookah bars. There are many tobacco companies today each with a variety of flavors for their products. Some tobacco is sourced and packaged in the country while some is imported while packed from other countries. Hookah bars have a variety of tobacco flavors that can satisfy your cravings from different companies.

There are some factors that can’t be ignored in determining the most popular tobacco flavor. These include price, flavor and clouds. Smoke experience is a constant factor that most hookah users highlight when picking their favorite flavor. Though every tobacco consumer has his or her own favorite taste, the best one still remains a personal choice. New flavors also keep coming up. You have to try several flavors to decide your best choice. There are however particular tobacco brands that continue to impress most users.

Some popular tobaccos for hookahs are discussed below:

Tangiers Tobacco

Tangiers is made and packaged in the United States, Southern California. This reputed hookah tobacco is among the best you can get your hands on. Hand-made from the finest tobacco, Tangiers comes in five varieties which include the unique F-Line containing caffeine, Birquq with fast acclimation, Lucid with low nicotine, Noir with high nicotine and Burley with the highest nicotine content. This world-class tobacco has no artificial colors. Tangiers requires low heat to enjoy a buzz that can go on for three hours if well managed. It has a strong buzz because it produces thick smoke enjoyed by seasoned hookah smokers.

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Al Fakher Tobacco

Al Fakher is another popular hookah tobacco with roots in the United Arab Emirates. It comes in a variety of flavors which include bubblegum, strawberry, vanilla and grenadine. Compared to other tobacco types, this one requires more heat for good smoking. Al Fakher gives medium to high buzz. There are numerous varieties to enjoy from this brand which include traditional tobacco flavors to cardamom. The great Al Fakher Mint flavor is also adorable. This brand has been popular in the market for long and continues to add more flavors. Its thick clouds are consistent with its authentic flavors notable once the pack is open. Popular at local tobacco stores, Al Fakher is the staple of many hookah fans and it is cheap.

Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco

Starbuzz is also made in U.S and is available in most tobacco stores across the country. This hookah flavor is popular because of its sweet flavor. Hookah flavors of this tobacco include Blue Mist, Caramel Macchiato, lemon tea, banana and many others. You will enjoy its smooth clouds in addition to nice flavors. Starbuzz has a mild buzz compared to most tobaccos for hookahs which makes its perfect for beginners.

Nakhla Brand Tobacco

Nakhla from Egypt is an all-time favorite and one of the most popular brands in local tobacco stores. Founded in 1913, this tobacco has been the most widely smoked around the world. Nakhla is unwashed more like traditional shisha tobacco. Its natural tobacco flavor is strong which can cater well for seasoned smokers. Nakhla’s cheap price and quality smoke attracts most hookah smokers.

Fumari Premium Tobacco

Fumari is among the juiciest, premium hookah tobaccos in market today. This U.S brand is renowned for its nice flavors. The tobacco can withstand high heat well and has thick, smooth clouds. Fumari retains its flavor because it comes in resalable bags. You can buy Fumari from many local tobacco stores. This favorite is mostly packed and sold in 100g packs but is higher priced per-gram than other brands. Fumari has a mild to moderate buzz which can cater well for your relaxing hookah sessions.

Fantasia Sweet Tobacco

Fantasia is an awesome hookah flavor for patrons who love sweets in local tobacco stores. The brand is popular with young and inexperienced smokers. Its flavors range from candies, mixed drinks and desserts. Fantasia has amazing clouds for a smooth smoking experience. This hookah tobacco is known for its contemporary flavors than the ordinary tastes in other brands.

Haze Hookah Tobacco

Haze tobacco is designed to tolerate heat. Adding more coal to your bowl won’t be a big deal compared to some other brands. Haze comes in several original flavors. You can thus expect puffy clouds without sacrificing on the flavor.

Customers’ tastes are changing all the time. Tobacco companies are thus working hard to satisfy the ever growing crave for unique hookah tobacco flavors. As a regular hookah smoker, you can expect new hookah flavors to pop up all time. This guide will help you if you are not sure on what hooker flavor to choose from local tobacco stores.

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