Popular Items Sold At Smoke Shops Around The Country

Neighborhood smoke shops in the country stock a variety of smoking devices and vape products. There are all sorts of paraphernalia in these shops that will make your smoking experience a breeze. Though designs and prices of smoking accessories might differ, there are items that you will most likely find in your local head shop such as those listed below.


Vaporizers are a healthy alternative to smoking and are thus popular in most local smoke shops. These small and portable devices can be used to smoke cannabis, tobacco and other dry herbs. Vaporizers reduce the harshness of dry herbs and reduce the intake of harmful toxins. They are also odorless and can therefore be used safely in public.


E-cigarettes are used by smokers who wish to quit smoking. These devices don’t have smoke but instead contain nicotine, water and flavorings that the smoker inhales in the form of vapor. E-cigarettes are activated by puffing or pressing a button. These vape products may be shaped like normal cigarettes and vary in sizes.

Rolling papers

Rolling papers are also common supplies sold in smoke accessory shops. These papers are usually thin and small which makes it convenient to roll dry herbs for smoking. You can also find longer papers for rolling cannabis. Rolling papers are available in different sizes. Their base is made from a variety of materials. The most popular materials used in making rolling papers are hemp and wood pulp. Other materials commonly used include rice straw and flax. Rolling papers with wood pulp are the cheapest. For a more gratifying smoking experience, there are rolling papers that are also flavored. Popular flavors include mint, chocolate and blueberry.


Grinders are used to crush dry herbs into powder. A grinder is basically is made of two caps. One cap acts like a compressor while the other cap holds the crushed vape products. Dry herbs are crushed between the two parts into consumable powder. Grinders are available in many designs and sizes.

Weighing scale

A weighing scale is yet another device commonly sold in most nearby smoke shops. A scale is used to measure dry herbs before smoking, vaping or rolling. Advanced scales are digitalized and are more expensive. Digital weighing scales also come in stylish designs.


Pipes are simple devices used to smoke dry herbs like cannabis or tobacco directly. Pipes are not water-based and are therefore harsher but give satisfying clean hits. Tobacco pipes are the most common type in smoke shops but they can also be used to smoke other dry herbs. Pipes are made out of clay, glass, acrylic, porcelain and corn among other types of materials.


Bongs are bowls that consist of straw-like parts used to smoke cannabis. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Bongs use water which cools the uncomfortable heat from vape products. Some harmful chemicals from pure marijuana smoke are filtered and left in the water for a cleaner and smoother smoking experience. Traditional bongs are made of glass but there are also other materials like plastic, ceramic and bamboo. Glass bongs are however the most popular in neighborhood smoke shops.


Bubblers are also common in local smoke stores. They are water-based just like bongs but are a bit smaller. Bubblers feature a fixed bowl and a straw-like pipe on the side for inhaling smoke. They are commonly made from glass or clay and come in all sorts of shapes.


Hookahs are long glass tools used to vaporize and smoke flavored tobacco commonly known as shisha. The smoke is passed through a glass water bowl to reduce its harshness before it’s smoked. Hookahs are also used to smoke dry herbs like cannabis. Hookahs are also available in silicone rubber, wire or leather material.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are glass smoking pipes that include a nail and a torch lighter. The nail is heated with a torch. Herb extracts are dabbed into the pipe. When the extracts are heat, they produce vapor that you inhale. Dab rig nails are either domed or undomed. Domed nails are safer and can also hold more vapor. It’s best to choose a nail that will retain enough heat long enough to produce much vapor. The nail shouldn’t also get too hot such that it burns your concentrate. Dab rigs and torches are in most cases sold separately. Dab rigs come in all artistic styles and are portable.

Finding the best neighborhood smoke shops will help you find your ideal vape products and smoking paraphernalia for an enjoyable tobacco and medicinal herbs consumption.

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